Ecuadorian police broke into Mexico’s embassy, sparking outrage. Why is this such a big deal?

The incident of Ecuadorian police entering Mexico’s embassy in Quito is a significant breach of diplomatic protocol and international law. Here’s why it’s a major concern:

Violation of the Vienna Convention: The Vienna Convention on Consular Relations protects the inviolability of diplomatic premises. By entering the embassy, Ecuadorian police violated this international treaty1.
Infringement of Sovereignty: Embassies are considered sovereign territory of the represented state. The raid on Mexico’s embassy is seen as an infringement on Mexican sovereignty1.
Diplomatic Relations: The incident led to Mexico severing diplomatic relations with Ecuador, reflecting the gravity of the breach and its potential to disrupt international relations2.
Precedent for Future Relations: Such actions could set a dangerous precedent, potentially leading to a breakdown of the diplomatic order that governs state interactions1.
This event underscores the importance of respecting diplomatic norms to maintain international relations and prevent conflicts between states.

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