Young man being interrogated and shot by armed members of the Oromia Special Forces


12 May 2021, Addis Abeba – The Oromia regional state’s Kellem Wollega zone’s communication bureau announced on Facebook yesterday that the city’s security forces had “captured and taken action” on “a member of ‘Abba Torbe,'” a name synonymous with an armed group that operates under ‘Shene,’ an organization recently classified as a “terrorist organization” by Ethiopia’s parliament.

The zonal Facebook post accused the young man of “assassinating people,” and that he was killed by security forces after being “injured and arrested,” according to the steps taken.

According to Dembi Dollo’s administration, the young man was shot and wounded in his leg while attempting to elude capture after he attacked a person named Gemechu Mengesha, and reported the assassination of OBN journalist Sisay Fida, who was blamed on “Shene.”

A video of the young man being interrogated by armed members of the Oromia Special Forces was posted on the same Facebook page with the title “Measures were taken on a member of ‘Abba Torbe'” just hours after this announcement. The young man was bruised, his cloth ripped apart, his hands bound behind his back, and he was bleeding profusely from several injuries. While answering questions, he had a gun around his neck in the video. “My name is Amanuel Wondimu Kebede, and I am a member of the Amanuel Wondimu Kebede Foundation. He was overheard saying, “I was born in the year 2007, in the Kellem Wollega zone of Dembi Dollo city.” Following his execution, a photo of Amanuel, who had collapsed on the same spot where the video was taken, appeared on social media, creating a stir.