TPLF Terrorist group causes huge public displacement and property damages


Officials from the states of Afar and Amhara stated the terrorist TPLF forces had gained control of several localities in their states, causing massive population displacement and property destruction.

Both also claimed that the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) and regional soldiers used appropriate force to put an end to the terrorist TPLF’s provocations and inflict substantial damage on the latter.

The terrorist organization’s military operations on Friday murdered more than 170 displaced people stationed in relief facilities in Afar State.

The terrorist faction has taken the deaths of civilians as revenge for the terrible price it has incurred at the hands of the ENDF and Afar Special Forces, according to Geas Ahmed, the head of the Afar State Human Rights Organization.

Thousands of citizens have fled when the invaders captured border woredas, according to the head, who said that TPLF militants had targeted either displacing locals or committing crazy mass executions (districts).

Geas also expressed his dissatisfaction with the world media’s lack of response to the murders of people in Afar. “Some Western countries have been attempting to revive the TPLF, and it is evident that they are still unwilling to denounce the proscribed group’s atrocities.”

Weldiya Mayor Mohammad Yasin recently said that the TPLF is scaring the residents into fleeing the city by spreading baseless falsehoods and misinformation. The youth and security authorities, on the other hand, are working together to protect the aggressors.

Gashaw Mersha, the head of the Amhara National Movement Organization’s affairs department, claimed the militants are attempting to cross the Sudanese border and terrorize the northwestern portion of Amhara State.

“Dissidents have undertaken numerous provocative attacks throughout Welkait fronts, despite the fact that federal and state security forces have effectively repulsed the offensive and inflicted substantial injury on the aggressors.”

The TPLF does not have the capability to pose a serious security danger, according to Gashaw, who also observed that the faction has worked tirelessly to frighten the population in order to undermine their faith in the government.