TPLF Junta Armed Forces Preparing to Repeat Massacre in Mekele


Defense Indoctrination Director General Major General Mohamed Tesema said the TPLF Junta is preparing to repeat the massacre in Mekadra.
Maj. Gen. Mohammed Tesema made the remarks in a statement issued today.
He said the group was carrying out a special operation and wearing military and Eritrean military uniforms at the Almeda textile factory.
He also said that the TPLF extremists are constantly confusing the people by disseminating contradictory information.
For example, the group said a few days ago, “We have destroyed the 21st Division of the Raya Front; we have taken control of the area by destroying the forces that came to Adwa.”
However, military officials, including himself, said they had visited the site and briefed the media.
He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.
Instead of making secret statements, members of the group said that if they were serious, they could have made a statement by saying, “We have released them.”
He said the group’s leaders are trying to make the law enforcement campaign look like a civil war against the people of Tigray.
However, he explained that the people of Tigray have shown that the campaign only targets the extremist group.
He said the people of Tigray are showing their support for the army in all areas under its control.
He said the people of Tigray have demonstrated their support for the army in areas under its control and are expressing their displeasure at the junta.
He noted that the TPLF’s plot was doomed to failure. “Now we have a new plan of destruction,” said Maj. Gen. Mohammed.
He said he was preparing to repeat the massacre of innocent people in Mekadra and that he had set up a special assassins to carry out the attack.
He said members of the killer group were dressed in FDRE and Eritrean army uniforms prepared by Almeda Textile Factory to carry out the massacre.
He said the group was doing so to gain the support of the international community by pretending that the Ethiopian and Eritrean forces had massacred innocent people.
He also pointed out that the TPLF extremist group has no compassion for the people outside of power.
Major General Mohammed also said that the group’s regular actions indicate that he is discouraged.
Members of the army who defected to the extremist group, as well as militants organized by the group, said they had been defeated on all fronts and fled to Mekelle.
Residents of Mekelle expressed hope that the people of Mekelle would support the army and its Ethiopian brothers, just as they did in the areas under the control of the army.
He also called on the militants who are being forced to fight for the group to surrender to the nearby defense forces without being deceived by false propaganda.
He also thanked Major General Mohammed for his contribution in supporting the ongoing law enforcement campaign of the Ethiopian People’s Army, ENA reported.