The terrorist TPLF-Shene collaboration exemplifies failure: Political actors say


The revelation of the TPLF and Shene collaboration has been seen by political players as a sign of the two terrorist organisations’ collapse.

Col. Abebe Geresu, an advisor to the Oromia State Security Bureau, claimed that the TPLF has been targeting individuals based on their ethnic identities by deploying the Shene armed force at various times.

He emphasized that the Shene terrorist group now lacks the potential to combat government forces in order to fulfill its harmful aims, and that the state community, in conjunction with the government, has dismissed the group.

He stated that the group has been completely paralyzed and is unable to further its terrorist activities, claiming that many of its troops have been detained and several have been killed by government security forces and law enforcement in the regions where they operate.

He said that the party’s strength now rests solely on its mouth, and that the group exposed its alliance with the TPLF in order to wage a psychological war against Ethiopians.

Communication from the Oromia Prosperity Party Head Taye Dendea stated that the two organizations’ partnership declaration is not a new thing, adding that the two groups have been executing terror acts in support of one other in various ways.

He emphasized that, before to attacking the national defense force, the TPLF had been coordinating and assisting Shene in giving various logistical assistance to the organization. Both parties now have little authority to fulfill their goals since they lack public backing.

He emphasized that, on the one hand, the revelation of the two terrorist groups’ partnership allows Ethiopians, particularly the Oromo community, to learn about the Shene group’s hatred in its coalition with the TPLF.

The heads of the two organizations have stated their willingness to form a coalition, however no details have been provided.

Source: Ethiopian Herald