The second phase of law enforcement action in Tigray has been completed. We are now in the final and third chapter.


We have already mentioned that the law enforcement action we are taking has three chapters: The first chapter was to mobilize and strengthen our own defensive forces, to restore the broken chain of command, and to carry out its mandate. As a result, the army recovered from the tragedy with great perseverance, frustration and courage, and with the full support of the people in mind, it moved in various directions to bring the TPLF to justice.
The main objective of the second phase of the operation was to dislodge the TPLF junta from its territory and use its power to liberate the people from the control of the apostate group and besiege the city of Mekelle. Liberating TPLF territory outside Mekele Recovering looted weapons and camps; Dispose of the strategic weapons that the apostate group looted before using them; Save our captives; Burial and rescue were the main objectives of the second phase.

Accordingly, in Dansha, Humera, Shire, Shiraro, Axum, Adwa, Adigrat, Alamata, Chercher, Mahoni, Korem and other places, our army has been rescuing and conquering the people. Law enforcement action to protect the population as much as possible in order to protect the population, and to prevent civilian casualties; Great care has been taken to protect historical sites, places of worship, public facilities, infrastructure, natural resources, and so on. Although the apostate group wanted to magnify the scale of the crime, during our law enforcement action, our Air Force planes were very careful with the public, and even if anyone approached their targets, they were armed and returned.

In this way, the irresponsible group was able to satisfy the group’s desire to shoot at religious institutions and heritage sites, as well as its ability to carry out its military mission wisely. In liberated areas, the people have been able to reorganize the people, support our victims through the Defense Forces, make the people understand what has happened and make themselves part of the process. The people began to breathe a sigh of relief by repairing damaged social institutions, communications, and transportation infrastructure.
The second phase of the action saved the people, breaking the junta’s spine and narrowing its reach to Mekele.

All that is left is the fort that he has set up in Mekele and the vain boasting that he occasionally utters. It is clear that our people are on the side of the Armed Forces during this time of law enforcement. The people of Tigray have seen with their own eyes that the TPLF’s propaganda about the army is wrong. The people began to witness the kindness and sacrifices of the army. By giving food to the army, reducing the daily rations in each area, pointing out the path of the apostate group; He fought side by side with the army, exposing hidden weapons and equipment. In this way, the people of Tigray have already shown how upset they are with the TPLF.

When the army entered Shire, the crowd erupted in applause, and Junta collected more than 200 weapons and handed them over to the defense. When our army arrived in Axum, the people themselves liberated the members of the apostate army, treated the wounded, and handed them over to the army with honor. The people of Axum demanded that his defense force be with him, and they joined him in enforcing the law. Similarly, when our army entered Adigrat, the people themselves captured the hidden special forces and militia members and surrendered their defenses.

On the contrary, the apostate group has destroyed many of the country’s resources and resources, destroyed schools and health facilities, and destroyed roads and bridges. The destruction of the historic Axum airport has left a lasting impression on our tourism industry for years to come. Not only did the residents of the region destroy their daily activities with a dozer, but he also showed that he was irresponsible by threatening to turn Mekelle like a battlefield.

Dear Ethiopians,
Law enforcement is now in its third and crucial phase. The third chapter is the final step in bringing the apostate group to justice. Clearly, it requires a great deal of wisdom, caution, and patience.

This apostate group made it clear that it had no interest in anything, no compassion for its people, its history, its culture, its heritage and its beliefs. He would be happy if only everything was lost and he escaped the law. As a result, he used religious institutions, hotels, government institutions, public settlements, schools, monuments, and even cemeteries as strongholds in Mekelle. It is ready to be destroyed and many to be destroyed. Like terrorist groups in some countries, terrorists do not care about the people or the country, so they consider Mekelle to be a war zone, not a home for the people.
As the citizens who were forced to die as a result of this group are our citizens and we have a responsibility to rebuild the ruined city tomorrow, we believe that our law enforcement action in Mekele should be done in a minimal way. Therefore, I would like to say that we will follow the way we will save the city of Mekelle from the worst of the damage and carry out the campaign successfully. The government is doing this to prevent the people and the country from being harmed by this apostate group.

First of all, we call on the residents of Mekelle to play a key role in bringing the members of this apostate group to justice by standing by our army and being a key player in the law enforcement action we have taken. For the sake of a few greedy junta, no one should die, no property should be destroyed.
Of course, your cooperation will play an important role and will alleviate many of the disadvantages.

Second, the members of the Tigray Special Forces and Militia, who are carrying out the mission of the apostate group, are not too late to surrender peacefully. Realizing that we are in the final stages of law enforcement action, take advantage of this unstoppable opportunity; We call on you to surrender peacefully to the government within 72 hours from now.

Third, members of the Junta, we believe that your journey of destruction is approaching, and we ask you to surrender peacefully within the next 72 hours, recognizing that you are in a quagmire. Take the last opportunity. We call on you to refrain from further massacres and destruction of cities.

Finally, what we want the entire Ethiopian people to understand is the third phase of law enforcement action, along with the return of those who fled their homes due to the crime. To rehabilitate the displaced; To repair infrastructure; We have made every effort to help the people of the liberated areas return to normal activities. We call on all Ethiopians to do their part so that we do not lose sight of others as we embark on the process. Since we Ethiopians have a long and developed culture of mutual aid, we must confront our people without waiting for anyone’s help. To this end, I urge you to join the efforts of the government and various community activists.