The legitimacy of the federal government comes not from the nightmares of the failed group, but from the constitution and the people of Ethiopia – Dr. Alemu

Addis Ababa: September 29, 2013, Dr. Alemu Sime, Head of the Political Parties and Civic Associations Section of the Prosperity Party, said that the legitimacy of the federal government is not a fantasy of the failed party but the constitution and the people of Ethiopia.

During his meeting with Fana Broadcasting Corporation, Dr. Alemu said there will be a strong and legitimate government in Ethiopia on or after September 25.

Dr. Alemu said that the group that says there is no government after September 25 and another time after September 30 is a group that has no legal authority to express its aspirations.

He said that the idea was just a fantasy and a nonsense.

According to Dr. Alemu, the House of Federation has extended the election following the outbreak of the CVD in Ethiopia. He said the federal and regional governments have decided to retain their power until after the election.

“The legitimacy and legitimacy of both the federal and state governments does not come from the decision of the House of Federation and the people of the country,” he said.

Dr. Alemu said the idea that there is no government after September 30 will not be accepted or accepted by the group, except for the group that is intoxicated and powerless.

Dr. Alemu: My name is September 25 and September 30, except for the group that is being mistaken for a nightmare of no government. For both the government and the people, there are two regular days between September.

According to Dr. Alemu Sime, there is no other way to seize power in Ethiopia under the rule of law. He also said that the nightmare of a body that has been abusing the Ethiopian people and is being spit on by the people is a dream come true.

Prosperous government: to divide the people from the people; Dr. Alemu Sime said he will continue to thwart plots to create conflict during religious and public holidays and strengthen his responsibility to protect this country and its people.

In addition, the government’s main focus is on holding national elections as soon as possible. He said it was to facilitate citizens to choose the government and leader of their choice.

The unconstitutional alternative to Ethiopia’s non-electoral journey backwards: Dr. Alemu said it is in no way acceptable to the government or the people of Ethiopia.

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