The Defense Forces are close to Mekelle, liberating key battlefields held by TPLF Junta


Colonel Dejene Tsegaye, Human Resource Development and Media Coordinator of the Southern Command of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE), said the TPLF is at a critical juncture in its mission to maintain law and order by capturing other weapons, including tanks it looted from the Northern Command and used in warfare.

He said the people of Mekelle and its environs should understand the agenda of ending the greedy Juntan people and cooperate with the message of the Defense Forces, which is maintaining law and order in the coming days.

Colonel Dejene said great care has been taken to ensure that the farms and other properties of the TPLF are not damaged in the crackdown on the militants.

Members of the National Defense Forces (NDF) in Raya Front have stated that they are achieving a great military feat by thwarting the TPLF insurgency.

They reaffirmed their determination to move forward, defeating the invading forces until the bandits experienced their final defeat.

Our correspondent, Eshete, reports from Raya that the strongholds of the Raya extremist group, which is ready for battle, have been torn down by the heroic National Defense Forces.