Several drugs and medical supplies that TPLF stole and hid were seized


The TPLF has seized four trucks full of medicine and medical supplies from health facilities, according to the Defense Health Directorate.

The seized medicine and medical supplies were reportedly stolen from North Command Hospital and Uzu Medical Logistics. The medicines and medical supplies are kept in a special place called Kola Temben in an area called throat.

Colonel Tesfaye Kefialew, head of the Western Command Health Directorate, said the medicine and medical supplies that Junta had stolen from the North Command Hospital were seized by the Defense Forces.

He described the drugs as war gloves, patient beds and a variety of medications.

He said the medicines would be distributed to the North Command Hospital and the command line to help carry out the duties efficiently.

He said many of the seized drugs were purchased in foreign currency and would be used properly.