Police seize over 2 million new notes stashed in Lafto sub-city


Regarding the current transfer of funds, Bank Proclamation 591/2008 stipulates that the amount of money required to be in the hands of an individual is 1.5 million or less, and it is clearly stated that the individual who is found in possession of this amount will be confiscated.

Police arrested Lafto Sub-City, Woreda 2, Dombosko School, near the Dombosko School on October 7, 2013, according to information provided by the community to the police.

According to Deputy Inspector Yirga Teka, head of the Special Crimes Investigation Team at the Nifas Silk Lafto Sub-City Police Department, the 2.2 million birr note was seized in violation of the National Bank’s directive.

According to information received from the Addis Ababa Police Commission, Deputy Inspector Yirga Teka Yirga Teka urged the public to cooperate in implementing the money transfer directive and to identify individuals who are violating the directive.