Police say they are tightening security to prevent attacks on large projects by the TPLF


The Federal Police Commission (FPC) has announced that it is closely monitoring the protection of TPLF members from attacks on large projects.

He said the TPLF junta, which started the war in Addis Ababa and ended in Addis Ababa, is now losing.

The commission said the extremist group had attacked more than 22 development networks in Tigray State for years, killing and abducting several members of the Federal Police Commission’s crime prevention camps.

The TPLF junta is being discouraged by the government’s crackdown on law enforcement.

As a result, the Federal Police Commission is closely monitoring members of the Junta group and their envoys from carrying out large-scale attacks.

As a result, protection has been strengthened in the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, power plants and substations and various development projects, the commission said in a statement.

The same is true of airports, universities, dams, oil depots, factories and bridges in Bole and other regions.

The commission also said that it is monitoring the situation closely to prevent any possible attacks on refugee camps, satellite stations and mines.

The commission said it is closely monitoring the palace and regional councils, development agencies, banks, subway projects, offices and residential camps, major highways, as well as other development networks and border towns.

He said the exiled federal police officers were also fighting alongside the heroic national defense forces to prevent the Junta attack.

He said the rule of law has been strengthened in the North and West Zones, Welega Zones of Oromia State, Benishangul-Gumuz and Metekel Zone and its environs, in the southern zone of Mizan Tepe, Gura Ferda, Wolayita Sodo and Konso.

It is also known that security is being monitored from Negele Borena to Moyale, Awash to Galafi in the eastern region and all the borders of the country.

It also works with regional security forces and security forces to control infiltrators and maintain public order.

The commission said it was arresting 93 members of the TPLF Junta and OLF Senegalese in connection with the plot.

According to ENA, 30 defenses and police uniforms, 47 different rifles, 43 different types of ammunition, 1,376 different rounds of ammunition, 7 bombs, 2 battle goggles and 102 silent weapons were seized during the search.

He also said that 8 hand radios, various telecommunication equipment, 534,870 birr and various vehicles were seized.

The statement said that this is a result of the cooperation of citizens and the security forces and called for the cooperation of the people to be strengthened.