Police in Addis Ababa have announced the closure of roads leading to the Erecha festival


Addis Ababa City Police Commission announced that the security forces have completed their preparations for the peaceful celebration of Erecha festival in Addis Ababa.
The commission also announced that roads will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians starting from the eve of the festival.
Accordingly, the roads that will be closed in the city starting Friday at 10:30 are as follows:
• Road from Bole Airport, Millennium Hall to Meskel Square at Dembel City Center Olympia Square
• Road from Meskel Flower to Olympia at the municipal garage or gazebo square
• The road from Megenagna, 22nd to Meskel Square and from Bole Medhanealem, Atlas Hotel to Meskel Square at St. Urael Church
• The road from Piazza to Meskel Square on Tewodros Square
• Road from 4 Kilo to Meskel Square at Basha Wolde Court or Parliamentary Lights
• The road from Saris, Gotera to Meskel Square on Agona Cinema
• The road from Kazanchis to the palace hot springs at the InterContinental Hotel
• Roads from Urael and Aware at Kazanchis Total
• The four-kilometer road from Kazanchis to the Gabriel Crossing
• Road from Teklehaimanot to the Meteorological Cross Square at the Meteorological Office
• The road from Teklehaimanot to the Black Lion Hospital to Immigration Black Lion at the back door crossing
• The road from Geja neighborhood to the National Theater is on the road
• The road from Kera to Kirkos at the Ark
• The road from the Armed Forces to Lideta, Police Hospital to Mexico Square will be closed.
According to the Addis Ababa Police Commission, it is strictly forbidden to park in and around the venue on Friday, from 8:30 a.m. until the end of the program.