No charges have been filed against Jawar Mohammed.


Prosecutors are scheduled to prosecute 11 people, including Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerban, who are being held on suspicion of involvement in the unrest following the assassination of Hachalu Hundesa.

It has been two months since Jawar Mohammed was arrested following unrest following the assassination of Hachalu Hundesan.

Tuli recalled that the court had scheduled a hearing today to respond to a client’s complaint.

At the previous hearing, 15 people, including Jawar Mohammed, were on trial. “Our families are in trouble,” they complained.

“Most of their bank accounts have been frozen, their cars and valuables have been confiscated and their families have applied for reinstatement because of their problems,” said Tuli Baysa, their lawyer.

The court scheduled a hearing today for the Federal Police Commission’s Criminal Investigation Bureau and the Attorney General to answer the question.

However, Jawar’s men should have gone to court, but police did not, Tuli said.

The court responded in the absence of the suspects.

According to his lawyer, The answer is that “the seized goods and property should not be released because they are the result of a crime or used to commit a crime and are related to a crime.”