More mass graves were found in Maikadra.


he Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said at least 600 people had been killed in the attack.
He described the killings as “genocide-based and targeted specifically at the Amhara people.” However, the death toll is said to be at least 600, based solely on those who were found dead and buried in a church in the city of Makadra.
Following the return of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC), a number of mass graves were found in rural areas outside the town of Maikadra, according to Amhara Media.
Eighteen people were massacred in one area and 57 people were killed and dumped in a flood canal in another rural area.
Today, in another rural kebele of Maikadra, 17 people have been massacred and thrown into a pit. Residents of Maikadra told us that exploration is still going on in Central, Poultry and Berhet areas and that the number is increasing.
Most of the alleged perpetrators are said to be in the Sudanese refugee camp, Hashaba.

In addition, the Maikadra Interim City Administration informed us that 17 of the 60 individuals arrested on suspicion of involvement in the Maikadra genocide were directly involved in the crime.
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