Jawar Mohammed charged with terrorism


Jawar Mohammed was arraigned in the Federal High Court’s 1st Anti-Terrorism and Constitutional Court today.

According to the indictment, one of the 24 defendants, Jawar Mohammed, was charged with terrorism.

In addition to being charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism, Jawar has also been charged with inciting ethnic violence, possession of an illegal weapon, and telecom fraud.

Other defendants, Bekele Gerba and Hamza Aden, were charged with inciting violence and possession of an illegal weapon, and eight defendants were charged with inciting and participating in a conflict.

The Oromia Media Network (OMN) has been charged with inciting civil strife and possession of an illegal weapon in the organization’s vehicle.

Defendants’ attorneys consulted with their clients before the hearing was read out, and the hearing was rescheduled for September 14, 2013, to read the charges and issue related orders.

The court ordered the Federal Police to arrest 3 defendants who were not present at the hearing, and the defendants who did not appear today in their case, to appear in another case.

The court also ordered a representative of the Oromia Media Network to appear before the rescheduled date for Thursday.