I don’t believe in fighting. I was given 150 bullets and I surrendered without firing a single bullet.


A 21-year-old Abrehet Juntha militant was one of those who surrendered to the Defense Forces.

In 2011, the young woman received military training at Birsheleko to join the Defense Forces.

Negele Borena, a member of the Ethiopian Defense Forces, said she was seriously ill and returned to her family after falling ill.

The study of her illness separated her from her favorite defense, but she could not hide it from Junta’s point of view.

Although she continues to support her mother, who is involved in hate business, The members of the junta were aware of Abrehet’s army, and they pressured her mother to join the junta.

The junta threatened their mother night and day and forcibly handed over their son to the gunman; She joined the militia to protect my family.

“I joined the militia because I could not find another job easily and when the pressure and intimidation increased. We are seven members of a family; My father is not alive. My mother said that she was the only one who raised me.

I came here to help her, ”she said, recalling her experience as a member of the militia.

She says she did not shoot a single bullet during the operation by the Defense Forces, the Amhara Special Forces and the militia. “I was given 150 bullets and surrendered without firing a single shot.

Because I do not believe in this war; And the dying child is the poor one; She said that even after I surrendered, I had been sharing food and drink for three days.

Youths in Tigray Region say they have been forced into forced labor She did not hide the fact that the training was available. “For a short time, she said, they only showed them how to disassemble and disassemble the clutch, how to hit the target.

This shows that the TPLF leadership does not care about the mothers and youth of Tigray and is interested in satisfying their own thirst for power, ”she said. You are with her.

“TPLF leaders; They preach to the youth and children that the people of Tigray are hated by all nations, that they cannot go anywhere and live in peace. “The people are afraid of the TPLF and they have to do what they say. This anti-peace organization is forcing the youth to do something that will not work,” she said.

She tells him that the TPLF junta is filling, coercing, and deceiving the young man with the impossible.

The people of Tigray do not want to attack the defense; This is because the defense is a party that has been working for the community and building a health center alongside protecting the people of Tigray. What you say is with her: “They tricked us into fighting for a family that we see as a family,” she says with deep regret.

“According to the TPLF, if the defense hates us, how will it protect Tigray?”

“We are always Ethiopians; People will not just hate us unless we do bad things. Therefore, the youth of Tigray should not engage in aimless warfare.

They have to surrender to the Defense Forces and live in peace, ”she said.