Ethiopia Rejects the request for cease fire with TPLF


The Ethiopian government said in a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today that it would not accept any pressure to cease fire with the TPLF.

The government stated that he was working with various parties to create a national consensus.

The government said the discussion shows his readiness to engage with opposition parties, civil society, the private sector, elders, academics, celebrities and others in Tigray State.

However, the TPLF has stated its opposition to the inclusion of the National Dialogue and its inclusion in the dialogue process.

The government recalled that the TPLF was an illegal group that threatened the country’s sovereignty and constitutional order and was classified as a terrorist by the House of Representatives.

In the past, the government stated that there had been repeated interference in Ethiopia’s internal affairs, particularly in connection with the Amhara Regional State Special Forces.

However, he said that as a sovereign state, Ethiopia cannot accept foreign directives regarding its internal affairs.

He said the government alone is responsible for taking the necessary steps to ensure the rule of law in all four corners of the country.