Ethiopia is participating in the 2021 International Drone Congress with an honorary invitation


This year’s “5th International Drones Conference 2021” is being held in China. Ethiopia, Switzerland and Pakistan are the guests of honor at this year’s Congress. The Ethiopian Consul General in Guangzhou, China, said the fact that drones, artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence technology is creating great potential to modernize Ethiopia’s agricultural sector. He said the technology will play an important role in the aviation, health, environmental protection, agriculture, green development, land administration and mining sectors as a bridge between Ethiopian and Chinese institutions. State Minister for Innovation and Technology, Ahmedin Mohammed (PhD), said drone technology has an important role to play in realizing the digital economy in the country’s domestic economic reform agenda. He said Ethiopia has enacted drone legislation to boost the sector and accelerate the development of its digital economy and is creating favorable conditions for start-up technology companies to engage in the drone technology sector. He said Ethio-China relations through China-Africa Coalition are undergoing capacity building and technology transfer from China. Industry and technology experts, institutional leaders and scholars from more than 100 countries are participating in the Congress. According to the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, more than 200 new products have been introduced by the Chinese and foreign enterprises.