Drivers traveling from Gojjam to Addis Ababa say they are being attacked in the Oromia region


Heavy truck drivers traveling from Addis Ababa via Gojjam and Gondar to Dejen have been repeatedly attacked on the road in Oromia State. Drivers who commented to ABMD said the problem occurred on the federal road from Sululta to the Nile Desert in the Oromia region.

He also said that in the past, checkpoints were illegally charged. He also mentioned that they were carrying out their illegal payments for not being able to quit their jobs and not get involved in conflicts.

Recently, militants disguised as members of the Oromia National Regional State security forces carried out an armed attack. The commenters said there was a gunfight, especially on the night of September 30, 2013. He said there were casualties, injuries and cars being burned.

He noted that Oromia Regional State Police, which had been monitoring the situation closely, were not present at the time. According to the commenters, the security forces of the region did not play their role properly when the weapons were fired. This forced the commenters to say, “The problem is also supported by the government structure.”

“The problem is that” after September 30, 2013, it seemed to be in line with what it said was the absence of a government, but it was already illegal, “he said.

He noted that they were being subjected to racial slurs and insults. He said the attackers were undercover and had difficulty reporting to government security forces.

He also said that he pays taxes to the government and is a family man. As a result of the attack, they were unable to do their job properly. As a result, they are finding it difficult to repay their loans.

Commentators said they would not be able to work until the government guarantees them and called for immediate action by the two states and the federal government. He also said that they should work hard to ensure safe transportation.

We repeatedly called the head of the Oromia National Regional State Administration and Security Bureau, Jibril Mohammed, but they could not be reached for comment. The regional government is willing to respond and is ready to host ABMD.