Dessie protests against the attacks in Ataye, other towns


Dessie residents took to the streets to protest attacks in many Amhara regional state towns in the North Shoa and Kemissie zones.
It denounced the assassination and eviction of Amahra people. It’s been going on in Ethiopia’s Oromo and Benishangul Gumuz regions for over three years. This time, militant Oromo nationalists launched an assault in the Amhara area, which is the fifth time they have done so.
About 250,000 people are said to have been expelled from the Amhara region’s impacted areas.
Protesters in Dessie shouted slogans such as “stop killing Amhara people” and “justice for Amhara people.”

The assault, which is gradually being seen as being secretly orchestrated by government bodies, completely destroyed the city of Ataye and severely damaged other cities such as Karakore, ShewaRonit, Antsokia, and Ephrata.

The attackers, who the government says are members of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF-Shane), were well-organized and armed with heavy weapons and sniper rifles.
They seemed to be dressed in Ethiopian army uniforms and boots.
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s cabinet is yet to issue a formal comment on the ongoing security incident.

Hundreds of people, including teenagers, the elderly, and women, are suspected to have been killed in the bombings, which the local authorities have confirmed happened in many cities. The nation, on the other hand, has not given an official number.
The Ethiopian Defense Forces released a statement on Sunday announcing the formation of a “Command Post,” an emergency period administrative body primarily made up of military officials, to restore stability to the Amhara region’s North Shoa and Kemissie, which had fallen under the control of Oromo Liberation Front forces.

No one is permitted to carry weapons within 20 kilometers of the Addis Ababa – Dessie roads between Ataye and the Kemissie, according to the statement.
Dessie is about 74 kilometers north of Kemissie, which is part of the Amara region and is governed entirely by Oromo people.
Residents of Debre Markos, in a related development, held a peaceful rally on Monday to protest the Amhara massacre.