Defense Forces Coalition Head Office announces victory in all directions


The Defense Forces of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) is on its way to Mekelle with a victory in all directions.
The head of the department, Brigadier General Tesfaye Ayalew, described the general aspect of the army’s law enforcement campaign.
Brigadier General Tesfaye Ayalew said: The extremist TPLF has betrayed the army in an attempt to seize control of the scepter.
He said the Defense Forces are successfully repressing the TPLF junta and carrying out law enforcement action.
“From Dansha on the western front, it has crossed several kilometers and has taken control of Baeker, Humera and Shre,” he said.
“The army of Badme, Tsorena and Zalanbesa is advancing on Mekele with a great victory,” he said.
The army from Rayana’s army in two directions is also the southern front; He said that the army was close to Eve, 60 kilometers from Mekelle.
He said he thought the people of Tigray would stand by him when the extremist group carried out the attack. He explained that the people had “shown their support for the army” by saying, “I did not attack the defense that stood by me in times of crisis.”
He recalled that in addition to building a public clinic and school for the people of Tigray, the army also provided extensive support to prevent locusts and cholera.
According to Brigadier General Tesfaye, the TPLF junta has provided weapons to “fight the army”, especially in the northern part of Tigray.
However, when the Defense Forces took control of the area, the residents expressed their happiness and said that they had left and handed over their weapons to the army.
“The extremist group was outraged by the actions of the people and plowed the Axum airport with a dozer,” he said.
He said this is an act that shows the group’s contempt for the people of Tigray, ENA reported.