Captured Child Soldiers Say Forced To Fight For Fear Of Being Killed By TPLF


“We are being forced to go to fight because we are afraid of being slaughtered by the terrorist TPLF,” children kidnapped by the National Defense Force on the Afar front stated.
According to ENA, the TPLF junta has used children and female troops in its current suicide campaign.
The arrogant battle fought by the junta has revealed the group’s despicable and cruel nature to the world, according to children seized in several woredas of the Fenti-Resu Zone of the Afar area.

The National Defense Force, which is engaged in the law enforcement operation, claims to have apprehended a large number of juvenile soldiers on the battlefield.

The TPLF pushed the abducted child soldiers to go to fight, they informed ENA with tears in their eyes.
Eyerusalem Hailay, a teen girl, said she was kidnapped and taken to battle outside her house in Mekelle on July 14, 2021.
“We were rushed into the battle without any training or equipment, with the false promise of taking over Addis Ababa,” she said. When the conflict came out, Eyerusalem remarked, “I submitted with peers to the army to rescue ourselves.” She bemoaned the fact that the TPLF leadership’s children are studying overseas while other youngsters are compelled to fight.

Helen Hadgu, the other girl kidnapped from her Mekelle home, claimed she had no idea where she was until they arrived in Afar.
“We were fed dry crackers and drank river water,” she said, adding that she eventually surrendered to the soldiers in order to save her life.
Essayas Alem, the other youngster, said that the terrorist TPLF had been forcing children in Tigray to fight.

Despite the fact that youngsters in Tigray, like himself, have ambitions and want to go to school for a better future, they have been forced to participate in the conflict against their choice and out of fear of being killed by the TPLF junta, he continued.

According to Mohammed Ahmed, the Deputy Commissioner of the Afar Regional State Prison, the pastoralist people of the region and the special force, along with the Ethiopian National Defense Force, have been eliminating the TPLF who tried a provocative attack on the territory.

He claimed that the organization has been attempting in vain to demolish the country by employing youngsters as troops and feeding them drugs.
According to him, the terrorist organization TPLF is conducting a futile battle against its own people, particularly women and children.