Arrest warrants have been issued for 76 generals, senior military officers, and junior officers who committed treason.


Full statement from the Federal Police Commission

One week ago, a court order was issued on November 3, 2013 to hunt down and prosecute senior members of the Junta TPLF, who were plotting to overthrow the government and attack the North Command of the Defense Forces in the Tigray Region.

The Federal Police Commission (FPC) said in a statement that it had issued arrest warrants for members of the Defense Forces, senior military officers and subordinates, as well as police officers, for conspiracy to commit treason while meeting with members of the TPLF. The commission said efforts are underway to prosecute and prosecute other suspects involved in the conspiracy to destabilize the country.

The Federal Police has issued a warrant for the arrest and prosecution of retired generals, senior military officers and non-commissioned officers of the Defense Forces, as well as for prosecuting and prosecuting suspected members of the Junta TPLF conspiracy. He loves.
Retired and retired members of the armed forces, senior military officers and non-commissioned officers who are wanted by the court for endangering the existence of the country and participating in crimes against the constitution and the constitutional order.

  1. Major General Mahsho Beyene
  2. Major General Mohammed Aisha Zeinu
  3. Major General Mulu Girmay G. Hiwot
  4. Major General Halifom Ejigu
  5. Brigadier General Fitwi Tsehaye G / Egziabher
  6. Brigadier General Gedi Hailu G / Egziabher
  7. Brigadier General Negash judged him
  8. Brigadier General Mebratu W / Aregay
  9. Brigadier General Wolde Giorgis
  10. Brigadier General Abdisa Flansa
  11. Brigadier General Gush Gebre
  12. Brigadier General Kebede Fekadu
  13. Brigadier General Gebregiorgis
  14. Brigadier General Building W / Gewergis
  15. Colonel was born G. Tinsay
  16. Colonel Niki Gebru
  17. Colonel Mebrat Assefa (Diamond)
  18. Colonel Delay King
  19. Colonel Alem
  20. Colonel, the light is pleasing
  21. Colonel Negash Mebratu
  22. Colonel above the plant
  23. Colonel Tigabu Meles
  24. Replace Colonel Girma
  25. Colonel Mulugeta Gebrechristos Negash
  26. Colonel Aram G. Medhin
  27. Colonel Tesfaye G / Medhin
  28. Colonel Girl Alemayehu
  29. Colonel Negash passed away
  30. Colonel Tesfaye Miruts
  31. If the Colonel shows up
  32. Colonel Negassi Tadesse Seyoum
  33. Colonel Kiros Hagos G.
  34. Colonel Murts Gebre Libanos Abraha
  35. Colonel Haile Selassie Kiros Tesfaye
  36. Colonel Miruts Berhe (Throwing)
  37. Colonel Haile Selassie Assefa
  38. Colonel Derbew Hagos
  39. Colonel Wolde Hagos
  40. Colonel Niki Amare
  41. Colonel Negassi restored
  42. Colonel Baraki (Wadi Raya)
  43. Colonel Kebede G. Michael
  44. Colonel Tsega Berhan G / Ezer
  45. Colonel Zerubbabel a
  46. ​​Colonel Haile Record
  47. The assassination of Colonel Araya Gebru
  48. Colonel Mane G. Michael
  49. Colonel Zeru forgot
  50. Colonel Lijalem G. Hiwot
  51. Colonel Asmelash Wolde
  52. The assassination of Colonel Fesseha
  53. Colonel Ambachew W / Gabriel
  54. Colonel Gebre Meskel Woldegebrel
  55. Colonel Woldu Hagos Gebru
  56. Colonel G. Michael Hagos
  57. Colonel Sibhatu The light
  58. Colonel Tassew W / George
  59. Colonel G. God does not worship
  60. Colonel Negassi restored
  61. Colonel Tekle Belay
  62. Lieutenant Colonel was born Abraha W / Michael
  63. Lt. Col. Muzei Tesema Seyoum
  64. Lieutenant Colonel Hadish Gebretsadik Alemayehu
  65. Lieutenant Colonel Fisseha Beyene K / Kidan
  66. Lt. Col. Miruts W / Aregay G / Meskel
  67. Lt. Col. Muruts Berha Abera
  68. Lieutenant Colonel Tsehaye Hagos
  69. Lieutenant Colonel Hagos Kiros
  70. Lt. Col. Gebre Hinsa Hadish
  71. Lieutenant Colonel Gebremedhin W / Mariam Alula
  72. Lt. Colonel Feleke is not satisfied
  73. Major Asgedom Mesfin
  74. Captain Basha Muaz Good
  75. Lt. Col. Araya T.
  76. Captain Tesfa Hiwot
  77. The Federal Police Commission (FPC) said in a statement that the listed generals, senior military officers and non-commissioned officers are wanted as part of a conspiracy by the TPLF to commit crimes against humanity. Therefore, the entire people of our country, especially the people of Tigray; Members of the Regional Special Forces and Militia as well as the Defense Forces; The Commission calls on the Ethiopian Police and Security Forces to play their part in the ongoing efforts to hunt down and prosecute these Junta TPLF criminals. According to IBCO, the Federal Police Commission will continue to intensify its efforts to bring to justice those responsible for the TPLF’s conspiracy to destabilize the country, as well as to prosecute suspects of all levels of responsibility.