Aids as a fig leaf to terrorism


The facts are well documented that the terrorist TPLF’s desire for a new humanitarian corridor has a lot to do with improving their capability. It makes no sense from a humanitarian standpoint.

Let’s just keep to the information provided to the world by USAID’s director. “This warehouse in Ethiopia holds 58,000 metric tons of USAID-provided food, to feed people both in Tigray and elsewhere in the country,” she tweeted on August 4, 2021.

Aid has, in fact, made its way inland. The fact that food aid is delivered to Ethiopia in a safe and timely manner should not be questioned. So, if that’s the case, why hasn’t she spoken up about it on Twitter?

“We ask the terrorist TPLF to immediately stop preventing the transit of food supplies to reach people who need it to survive,” she must have continued in that tweet.

Tsadkan Gebretensae, one of the terrorist thugs’ propagandists, officially confessed that the provocation, especially via Afar, is intended to break what he called a siege and force the government to grant “prerequisites” to “dialogue.” As a result, the facts are undeniable.

To add to that, the road from Port Sudan to Mekele via Welkait is the longest. The 1,306.8 kilometer trek will take an average of over 17 hours to complete. Another potential option is to go from Djibouti to Mekelle through the 778.9-kilometer road from Djibouti to Mekelle.

Terrorists and their masterminds in the Western Hemisphere have no humanitarian intentions at all. The goal is obvious. It aims to pursue their hidden goals by using the innocent people of Tigray as a hostage.

According to the Financial Times, the terrorist organization has 30,000 soldiers undergoing training. Soldiers from the organization who slaughtered victims in MaiKadra have registered as refugees in Sudan. So, the corridor issue is clear—to it’s get them into the hinterland, make them dodge accountability, and deliver weaponry and other logistics to terrorists.

The government has continued to adhere to the humanitarian ceasefire that was declared unilaterally. It should be remembered that over 100 billion Birr has been spent to repair the damage caused by terrorists in Tigray.

Ethiopia has undoubtedly been working hard to get humanitarian aid to the Tigray people. Recurrent blockades by the TPLF terrorist group, on the other hand, have posed difficulties. However, the international community has not condemned this conduct; rather, it appears that the Community is ignoring the acts; failing to reject such a heinous act is tantamount to endorsing it.

Furthermore, some foreign news organizations dismiss the government’s concerns and efforts. Their digital media has continued to fabricate misleading narratives and disseminate erroneous propaganda. They are purposefully fooling an international audience.

The terrorist organization is now ramping up its provocations. The government has also issued a strong warning that the group’s actions are causing it to mobilize the whole national defensive capabilities. As a result, the thugs’ mastermind must persuade the group to reciprocate the ceasefire, giving the people of Tigray a chance to rest and engage in agricultural operations. Otherwise, the terrorist would meet his demise.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald August 8/2021