Afar National Regional State Statement on Current National Affairs


It is known that during the law enforcement and survival campaign in the Tigray region, the terrorist group was forced to flee and enter a foxhole due to the horrific and brutal betrayal of the defense forces and the country.

This group, despite being a foxhole, has intensified its campaign of misleading the public with false propaganda and misrepresentation to the people of the world. The Ethiopian heroes, who are engaged in law enforcement and survival campaigns, have left the area with a view to plowing the fields for the sake of the people of Tigray.

To further show its brutality, this brutal group mobilized children from Tigray who were not yet ready to fight. The group’s policy of conspiracy is exacerbated by the fact that it is struggling to make ends meet in its quest to destroy Ethiopia. It is the responsibility of all Ethiopians, including the people of Tigray, to prevent this evil group from committing this heinous act and to prevent the spread of the disease.

As we know, the motherland of Ethiopia has been honored by her precious children under the Creator. Today, this anti-peace group has never understood what it means for the country. Work needs to be intensified.

Our government has always given priority for peace and development. We must fight this vicious circle together.

As always, our people, who will never compromise on the sovereignty of the country, should fulfill our responsibility to eradicate this disease and restore peace to our country by fulfilling the responsibilities entrusted to us by our grandparents. Mother Ethiopia will be honored by the efforts and diligence of her precious children under the Creator! Afar National Regional State July 09, 2013, Semera.