Action was taken against traffickers who tried to escape with illegal weapons in the Gambella region

In Gambella State’s Itang Special Woreda, firearms were seized in an exchange of gunfire with security forces, according to the State Police Commission.

The commissioner, Uman Ugala, told ENA today that the action was taken as the individuals were trying to smuggle weapons from Nuer Zone to Itang Special Woreda at around 4pm last night.

He said two arms dealers were killed and one was wounded in the exchange of fire.

A total of 28 Kalashnikov assault rifles were seized, including 19 assault rifles and nine assault rifles.

“Police are monitoring the situation to apprehend them,” he said.

He said the investigation into the suspect arrested revealed that 48 illegal weapons were in the hands of the missing individuals.

He said two individuals suspected of receiving weapons in the woreda have been arrested and the necessary investigations are underway.

He said the region has a large border with South Sudan and a large number of weapons are expected to enter the country through various parts of the country.

He called on the public to continue their participation in the efforts to curb the smuggling, as the weapons will not be used for anything other than terrorism.

“Itang Special Woreda Administrator Okello Ubong is working to curb the illegal arms trade with the participation of the people in the woreda,” he said.

He said the action taken yesterday and the results achieved were the result of suggestions and cooperation from the community.
Source: ESA

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