Action is being taken to encircle the junction of Juntuta, located in the valley


The Junta’s final fort in Kola Tenbe is surrounded by the Defense Forces in three directions. Colonel Shambel Beyene, Deputy Commander of the 31st Battalion of the Defense Forces, who is leading the campaign to capture the Junta leadership in Kola Temben, said: The Junta leadership, which has left Mekelle’s office, is in Kola Tenben, the last stronghold.

The Defense Forces are encircling Junta’s last stronghold in various directions. Colonel Shambel said the Defense Forces are taking informed action to capture or destroy the Junta leadership, which is the last stronghold of the city of Kolatemben Gold Amba. He said troops from the Adwa line are advancing on the area and those along the Hawzen and Mekele lines are moving closer to the area.

He said the army was close to the area, about 10 kilometers from the Gold Coast. According to Colonel Shambhala: The Junta, which is located near the Gold Coast plateau in Kola Temben, has been hit by air strikes. Seven of Junta’s state-of-the-art vehicles operating near the Gold Coast were destroyed by air and drone strikes.