A video of Donald Trump talking about Grand Renaissance Dam of Ethiopia


He was speaking during a telephone conversation with Sudanese Prime Minister Abdul Hamdock and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Journalists were present during the live telephone conversation, and the Sudanese prime minister said he hoped an agreement would be reached soon between the three countries on the dam.

President Trump called on the two leaders to agree on improving relations between Sudan and Israel.

“We hope to reach an agreement soon,” said the Sudanese prime minister.

US President Donald Trump speaks to reporters at the White House today. Ethiopia must return to the agreement; If Egypt is upset, you should not condemn us; “She could explode that dam,” he was quoted as saying.

Trump has said nothing about the deal that Ethiopia has cast a shadow over.

The leaders of the two countries were on the phone today in the presence of journalists at the White House regarding the signing of a peace agreement between Sudan and Israel.

President Trump calls on Sudanese PM “While the line is being built, he asked, ‘How is the dam going?'” He said, adding that the dam was blocking the flow of water to the lower riparian countries.

He added that Egypt and Ethiopia are closely monitoring the situation as a third party. What happened? They asked.

Trump’s response to Sudan’s PM not expected “I made them reach an agreement. But Ethiopia overshadowed the agreement. But they should not have done that. They made a big mistake. We cut off a lot of aid from them. They will never get that money unless they abide by it.” “How is it happening? What do you know?” He again asked the Sudanese Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert intervened in a telephone conversation. Trump said he had made the request to the Sudanese prime minister.

“I don’t think [the prime minister of Sudan] wants to answer that question,” Trump said with a smile.

The Prime Minister of Sudan “We think we will soon have an all-inclusive agreement,” Trump said. “It can’t be because they broke the agreement. This has created a lot of problems. Egypt can’t live in this situation. [Egypt] can explode. I say again, Egypt will explode the dam,” he was quoted as saying.