Egypt and Sudan have been embroiled in a long-running dispute over the Egyptian-controlled Halab and Shelatine Map.

Egypt is said to have ratified the land map by the African Union through its ambassador in Addis Ababa. Al Jazeera Arabic TV quoted evidence from the African Union.

Sudanese officials, journalists, academics and activists are condemning Egypt. He called on Egypt and the African Union to respond.

“We will not back down without planting the Sudanese flag, Halib and Shelatin on the ground,” said General Bashir al-Burhan, who returned to Amharic on Monday, five months ago. He says the situation has calmed down. “Al-Burhan is now upset with Egypt’s actions,” Jazeera reported in Arabic.

Ustath Jemal Beshir also spoke to Sudanese officials at Al Jazeera to explain the situation in Sudan.

In any case, Alburhan’s accusation of “Cairo has denied me” does not seem to be a trivial matter. Why the army from Cairo at this time? I think it’s better to wait for PM Hamdock to tell us something.
Leave Al-Burhan in the “False Shepherd” Theater: And we will make the real thing!