Junta leaders, including Seyoum Mesfin, Asmelash Woldesellassie, and Abay Tsehaye

Tesfaye Ayalew, Head of the Defense Personnel Deployment Department, said the army is intensifying its campaign to dismantle and prosecute the Junta forces in collaboration with the Federal Security Forces.

He said despite repeated calls for the Junta to surrender to the government, he refused, adding that the army had taken action in collaboration with other federal security forces.


  1. Seyoum Mesfin: Former Minister of Foreign Affairs who led and started the war.
  2. Abay Tsehaye: Former Junta leader
  3. Asmelash Woldesellassie: Former Junta leader and
  4. Colonel Kiros Hagos: The traitors are completely destroyed. In addition, several military and regional leaders were arrested during the operation. Of these
  5. Col. G / Meskel G / Kidan
  6. Col. Fisseha Kidane
  7. Col. Zerabruk Tadesse
  8. Commander G / Kidan Asgedom: Former Commander of the Special Forces
  9. Ato Meberhatom Kinde Hailu: He was also the head of finance of the region’s water works. Gen. Tesfaye Ayalew added that the hunt for the members of the junta is underway and called on other members of the junta to surrender peacefully to our defense forces.