The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) announced that it has canceled 26 political parties that did not provide the required documents.

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) has announced that it has made decisions in accordance with Proclamation No. 1162/2011 and the obligations of the parties.

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) has announced that it has been verifying that the parties registered and in progress in accordance with Proclamation 03 of the Proclamation 1162/2011 and the obligations of the parties are fulfilling the requirements set out in the new proclamation.

In this process, the full text of the decision of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia is as follows:

1- All political parties are requested to submit their requirements in writing and to provide the additional signature number to be provided. Accordingly, 26 parties that did not submit their required documents have been canceled.

2- He took samples of the founding members and screened the founding members in all regions and woredas. The work was carried out by the Regional Branch Offices of the Board. Problems with this process

• Incomplete information (name of unknown woreda, incorrect woreda, kebele, etc.)
• The verification process took a long time due to lower level management data handling problems (ID number, house number information incomplete)
• Problems of not providing information in a short period of time when there is a lack of information by the parties
• Lack of staff due to Covide 19 epidemic: Inability to complete the board as quickly as possible
As a result, the vetting process took a long time, and the results of the vetting process did not go as planned by the Board. In the case of administrations such as Addis Ababa, which could not verify the signatures of the founders, the signatures of the parties were considered valid.

Based on this, it decided to approve the registration of more than 35% of the founding parties, and it decided to cancel the registration of various parties that had less than 35% valid signatures and did not meet the requirements of the Board. In this regard
The list of canceled parties is as follows:

  1. The Existence of Amhara for Ethiopian Unity – Founded 24% in the sample of founding members
  2. Oromo Unity and Democracy Federal Peace Change Party – Founding Members Get 25% of the sample
  3. Oromo Abo Liberation Front – Founding 10% of the founding members of the sample
  4. Oromo Independence Unity Front – Founded by 4% of the founding members sample
  5. United Oromo Liberation Front – Founding Members 33% of the sample
  6. Oromo Liberation Democratic Front – Founding Members 24% of the sample and failed to convene a general meeting within the deadline set by the Board
  7. Oromia Liberation Democratic Party – Founding members 14% of the sample and failed to convene a general assembly within the time limit set by the Board
  8. Ethiopian Democratic Party – Founding Members 23% of the sample
  9. Dube and Degeni National Democratic Party – Founding members received 5% of the sample
  10. Agwo Democratic Party – Founding members 19% of the sample
  11. Oromo Democratic Union – Founders 18% of the sample
  12. All Ethiopian National Movement – Founding members received 28% of the sample
  13. Oromo National Congress – Founding members received 18% of the sample
  14. Oromia Independence National Party – Founding members 19% in the sample
  15. Union for Democracy and Freedom – Founders 17% of the sample
  16. Somali Patriotic Party – Founding Members 17% of the sample
  17. Afar Revolutionary Party – Founding members received 9% of the sample
  18. Somali Regional Democratic Union – Founding Members 3% of the sample
  19. Consultation for Unity and Democracy Party – Founding members found 32% in the sample
  20. The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) found 33% of the founding members in the sample
    Deleted by criteria other than verifying the authenticity of the sample of the founding members
  21. Ethiopian Peace and Democratic Party (EPDP) – Failure to meet the number and composition of its founding members and not to convene a general assembly within the time limit set by the Board.
  22. Unity for Democracy and Justice Party: Failure to meet the number and composition of its founding members and the quorum of the General Assembly
  23. Ethiopian People’s National Movement – Incomplete number and composition of founding members
  24. Nezberake Amhara Organization – Although it is clearly stated on the form, 2,691 founding members of the party did not provide the surname.
  25. Unity of the People of Finfine for Justice and Democracy – Number of Founding Members and Not Adjusting Documents in Recommendations from the Board
  26. Harari Revival Movement – Failure to convene General Assembly in accordance with the deadline set by the Board Determined for various reasons or incomplete to verify and complete their vetting process
  27. United Ethiopian Democratic Party
  28. Harari Democratic Organization
  29. Afar Liberation Front Party
  30. Gumuz People’s Democratic Movement
  31. Afar People’s Law � ²
  32. Oromia National Party
  33. All Ethiopian Unity Organization (AEUO)
  34. Gamo Democratic Party
  35. Wolene People’s Democratic Party
  36. All Oromo People’s Democratic Party
  37. Sidama National Democratic Party
  38. Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) List of parties that have completed their screening process
  39. Oromo Liberation Movement – 51%
  40. Kemant Democratic Party – 57%
  41. Sidama Liberation Movement: 78%
  42. Gideon People’s Democratic Organization – 93%
  43. Gambella People’s Justice, Peace and Development Democratic Movement -91%
  44. Ethiopian Democratic Union – 48%
  45. Western Somali Democratic Party – 97%
  46. Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice – 69%
  47. Agwo National Assembly – 45%
  48. Kafa Green Party – 61%
  49. Gambella People’s Liberation Movement – 94%
  50. Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front – 49%
  51. Ethiopian Independence Party – 37%
  52. Ethiopian Social Democratic Party – 48%
  53. Freedom and Equality Party-48%
  54. Mocha Democratic Party – 72%
  55. Tigray Democratic Party – 79%
  56. Oromo Federal Congress – 43%
  57. Benishangul Gumuz People’s Liberation Movement for Peace and Democracy – 48%
  58. Afar People’s Fair Democratic Party – 53%
  59. New Generation Party – 64%
  60. Ethiopian National Unity Party – 38%
  61. Wollaita People’s Democratic Front – 99%
  62. Kucha People’s Democratic Party – 100%
  63. Amhara National Movement – 38%
  64. Wollaita National Movement „- 96%
  65. Prosperity Party – 78%
  66. Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party – 39%
  67. Oromo Liberation Front – 47%
  68. Sidama Hadcho People’s Democratic Organization – 71%
  69. Amhara Democratic Forces Movement – 45%
  70. Gambella People’s Liberation Democratic Movement – 93%
  71. Mother Party -47%
  72. Balderas for True Democracy – 64%
  73. Boro Democratic Party (already registered under the new proclamation)
  74. Arena Tigray for Democracy Sovereignty (Completion of Signature Criteria Before Verification)
  75. Argoba National Democratic Movement (Minority Party)
  76. Argoba People’s Democratic Organization (SNNPR)
  77. Donga People’s Democratic Organization (Minority National Party)
  78. Federal Democratic Forum (not to sign because it is a front) Parties whose filing process has been completed but whose technical requirements remain
  79. Renaissance Party
  80. Salsai Woyane Tigray
  81. Kafa People’s Democratic Union
  82. Raya Rayuma Democratic Party
  83. Sidama Unity Party
  84. Asimba Democratic Party
  85. National Baito Nile Tigray Informs the public, members of the media community and other stakeholders of the Board’s decision. National Electoral Board of Ethiopia
    December 13, 2013